Expat Laura
alcohol equations
2005-05-26 | 10:27 a.m.

Last night was a massive night out in which I found my perfect alcohol intake balance: 4 double vodkas and diet cokes in 3 hours leads to maximum tipsiness minus any vomiting and any hangover. Go me! I say that now but in all honesty I still feel a bit drunk (as evidenced by me walking into the toilet door at 7:00 this morning).

I've never been that drunk before. Normally, I go scarlet red and throw up all over myself before it reaches the 'good' stage (ah, that magic night in Leeds....). But I was joyously tipsy, unable to walk and my judgement was severely impaired, - all hallmarks of a good night. I also found my winter scarf on my floor this morning and I think at some point in the night I may have staggered to the bathroom wearing only the scarf but I honestly can't remember.

My error of judgement was kissing someone who's old enough to be...well, who was just really, really, really (ten years older than me) old. I'm looking at the picture now and his diamond earring (!!!!!) is glinting at me menacingly. He was so sleazy I think I might be pregnant just from kissing him. I was also dancing on the stage with someone who did like me but probably thinks I'm a drunk fool. Which I am. What a twat I be.

Now I must put my head down and study like mad for my forthcoming exam. I wonder if I can apply to the Uni for clemency given that half my braincells may have dribbled out of my ear last night and the remaining half of my brain is working hard on sitting upright.

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